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OPEN DOOR is our brand new monthly newsletter

Open Door helps screenwriters plan their careers, and gives them the information they need to make vital industry connections.


  • Guides to opportunities for British screenwriters
    Including recent greenlights, shadow schemes, and industry backed training initiatives and competitions
  • Commentary and career advice from established screenwriters
    Hear about the realities of selling scripts and building a career from people who have actually done just this.
  • Profiles of script editors and producers
    Get to know the people who actually hire writers - and what they are looking for.


The more you know about the people who can hire you the better equipped you are to make the right pitches at the right times. 'Open Door' runs monthly profiles of current industry figures and production companies to give you the current landscape.


The entire industry can seem opaque to the new writer.

Yet clearly opportunities exist, as new writers are hired every working day.

We point out the best access points and training initiatives for new writers.


Getting a script into production means jumping many different hurdles.

Our monthly features on the realities of how commissions work shines a light into the different corners of the process.


Sending scripts out 'cold' to agents and production companies is a doomed strategy.

Over time 'Open Door' will give you the understanding you need to make intelligent, targeted approaches to people who actually want to hear from you.

'Open Door' from Screenwriting Goldmine

Have you finished a script but don't know what to do next?

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Published the 1st Monday of the month

A monthly subscription costs just £7.50, which means that each issue costs about the same as a couple of pints, a glass or two of prosecco - or perhaps three Costa Lattes if you're not a drinker! You also get full access to the entire archive for as long as you are a subscriber.


Now you can test the water and get your first month's membership for just £1.

Once you are on the checkout page, just click on the link that says 'Have a Coupon?' and enter the coupon code TryOpenDoor to get your first month for £1. You'll be signed up on a rolling month subscription (no annual plan) and you can cancel at any time.

How much do you value your career after all?

Philip Gladwin
Philip Gladwin
Founder of Screenwriting Goldmine

Phil is a writer and script editor, and has worked in the British TV industry since 1995. He has many writing credits for television.

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