Screenwriting Goldmine (Video Course)

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Training description

The Screenwriting Goldmine course is a 90 minute audio-video version of the screenwriting method created by Philip Gladwin and first presented in the Screenwriting Goldmine book.

The course follows the content of that book, with each chapter forming a lesson, in either audio/visual or text format, and the course presents specific Action Steps at the end of each chapter.

The course is a step by step guide to take you from blank page to a great first draft!

One of the key aspects of the method is that you will maximise your creativity: This isn't a rigid template - it's a structure, a useful container, into which you can pour your ideas and your creativity in whatever form you wish.

The Screenwriting Goldmine video course makes sure that you take a character-based approach to building strong narrative. This means you get the best of both worlds: you will learn how to create real, deep, complex characters and then how to weave them into a dynamic narrative. These types of stories are must-buys for producers, so it's well worth investing the time on immersing yourself in the method.

Possibly more valuable than anything else, this course fills you with the right attitude: there is nothing in this course that hasn’t contributed to a real life screenplay that was sold and screened. You don’t waste your precious time down blind alleys.

Studying this course can take years off your learning curve.

After taking this course you will know how to:

  • Create solid, rounded, memorable characters.
  • Construct a story with a solid act structure and a strong emotional punch.
  • Write a script with strong commercial possibilities and appeal.
  • Use these skills across any form of dramatic story-telling: TV or Film, the stage, or radio.
  • Use these techniques to revive and improve a script that isn't working.
Storytelling is universal
A good story is a good story wherever it comes from - and I teach you how to write a very good story.

When it comes to questions about industry specifics, like 'what types of story are in vogue at the moment', or 'what kind of characters should I be writing' the answers are always the same, WHEREVER you are: Never write for the market. The market is ALWAYS ahead of you.

Strong stories are always in vogue. People always want to watch fascinating characters. Good scripts break through. Bad scripts die. It's as simple as that.

Screenwriting Goldmine gets you there. Quickly, and effectively.

I’ve been there, and I’m going to show you the way. Think about it...

Phil Gladwin

Philip Gladwin
Philip Gladwin
Founder of Screenwriting Goldmine

Phil is a writer and script editor, and has worked in the British TV industry since 1995. He has many writing credits for television.

For any questions to do with this Screenwriting Goldmine product, please contact Philip Gladwin at

Training Contents

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Section 2 - Set Up Your Story
Step 1. Get Some Seeds
Step 2. Find Your Hero and Villain
Step 3. Find the Story Tentpoles
Step 4. Research
Step 5. Check Your Tentpoles
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Section 3 - Create a Narrative To Grab Your Audience
Introduction To The Beat Sheet
Extra: Beat Sheet Examples
Step 6. Find Your Logline
Step 7. Beating It Out Act 1
Step 8. Beating It Out Act 2
Step 9. Beating It Out Act 3
Bonus - The Goldmine Guider
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Section 4 - Adding Depth and Power
Step 10. Minor Character Stories
Step 11. Character Design Sheets
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Section 5 - The Final Stages
Step 12. Assess Your Beatsheet
Step 13. Write Your Treatment
Step 14. Writing Scenes and Dialogue
Extra Script Notes
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Section 6 - Conclusion
Useful Links
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