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Writing a great script is only half the journey!
You can't work as a screenwriter without being able to pitch your script - and if you find this a worrying thought, you're not alone!

But pitching is a skill that can be learned: and gets far easier when you know certain basics. By practicing just a few simple techniques, and learning one or two mental 'hacks', you can end up pitching your screenplay like a pro.

This Goldmine training product is a simple, downloadable PDF format book that gives you a system for pitching your screenplay to script execs and producers.

Inside you'll find solid advice on:

  • How to pitch like a professional
    Simple techniques for handling a pitching meeting - based on current industry practice.
  • How you can remove the fear
    Effective mind tricks to calm your nerves about pitching
  • Pitching as it really happens
    Written from years of experience, this book shows you how to prepare for real world pitching meetings, and includes many practical tips and tricks from working screenwriters.

What do people say?

"The Fearless Pitcher's Handbook was a great read and served to remind me where I'd done well in pitch meetings, but more to the point, where I'd gone wrong. This is a book not just for the beginner, as I learned a lot from it and I know others can too.

This is a book that gets to the point quickly and tells it like it is. The pitch meeting is always nerve wracking, but The Fearless Pitcher explains in simple terms what is going on, what needs to happen, and, more importantly, how to turn that meeting to your advantage. I know if I'd had this to hand a few years ago and read it before some of my pitch meetings, the outcome would have been a whole lot different.

Some of the anecdotes had me laughing and gave me a strange comfort to know I haven't been alone in pitching to the insane over the years. Reading this will certainly hone your skill, and help you to enjoy pitching your story with passion and conviction. I'd recommend it to any writer."

Marc Pye, Screenwriter, UK

(Pitching all his career, Marc Pye has written over 100 hours of broadcast television drama, including his episode 'The Flasher' for the BAFTA, International Emmy and RTS award winning Series One of 'The Street'. His feature film, 'Act of Grace', starring Leo Gregory, David Yip and Jennifer Lim was released May 2012.)

Philip Gladwin
Philip Gladwin
Founder of Screenwriting Goldmine

Phil is a writer and script editor, and has worked in the British TV industry since 1995. He has many writing credits for television.

For any questions to do with this Screenwriting Goldmine product, please contact Philip Gladwin at

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The Fearless Pitcher (3rd Edition)
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